Persia White & Joseph Morgan . A Wedding at the Ian Fleming Villa in Oracabessa, Jamaica

Last year in July, I had the pleasure of photographing Persia & Joseph's wedding at the Fleming Villa in Oracabessa, Jamaica. This villa is one of the most beautiful on the island with it's appealing buildings of white stone and magnificent ocean views. It was built by author Ian Fleming in the 1940's and is where, throughout his life, he wrote many of his James Bond stories. The simplicity of the location combined with the superb weather created a perfect ambience for their wedding day.

The preparations started in late afternoon as the day was cooling down. Persia got herself ready surrounded by close family. Seemingly effortless, she kept everything simple, even doing her own make-up and hair.

The ceremony took place at sunset, with the light slowly descending into the sea. The couple was silhouetted by a magnificent arch of driftwood intertwined with vines and pastel roses. Persia was incredibly beautiful in her dress and her walk down the aisle was unforgettable to all present. Their love and happiness was in the air and on the face of every guest.

After the ceremony, it was time for pictures of the newlyweds by the sea, with wonderful rose coloured rays of twilight illuminating them. Then came their first dance set to the romantic lyrics of 'Never Let Me Go' by Florence + the Machine. Humorous and affectionate speeches were offered to the couple for the occasion. This was followed by an excellent dinner on the front lawn under the ancient mango trees lit by the stars above. The party continued with the lively Jamaican band of drummers called 'Children of the Drums' who got all the guests up on to the dance floor.

Persia & Joseph's wedding was perfect, intimate and fun. Their love and care for each other so obviously shone through that day. Persia was so generous and Joseph so in love with her. I am so happy I had the chance to be a part of their wedding. I wish them both many years of love and happiness.

This wedding was featured on and in People Magazine.



Photographer . Sara Megan  |  Villa . Fleming Villa   |  Venue . GoldenEye Hotel & Resort  |  Musicians . Children of the Drums |  Dress . Vera Wang  |  Tuxedo . Miguel Wilson   |  First Dance . Florence + the Machine

Road Trip in Gaspésie, Quebec

I had heard so much about the Gaspésie region. I live in the same province just a few hours away, which makes it even more a topic for discussion. My boyfriend had been when he was quite young and his recollections always intrigued me: this remote location where supposedly few live and where they must hire out-of-towners each summer to keep up with the tourist demand.

We set out in the van equipped with a comfortable double bed in the back, in search of campsites with free or paid showers. This depending of course on the mood of the campsite owners...

We passed through Montreal, Trois-Rivières and Quebec City and saw those cities and towns that everyone gets a chance to visit on their way Eastward.

Our trip really began the morning we woke up in Rimouski, a town which sits right on the bank of the St. Lawrence River. It is also the town for which I have a special fondness for because it is where my grandmother grew up. I imagined her, walking through the town, dressed in the fashion of her day, and how different it must have been over 90 years ago.

We set out on the road, arriving in Sainte-Flavie, a small town with a locally renowned lobster club. We then continued south, driving through forest and hills. We made our way through the Matapedia Valley stopping on the way, in the rain, to glimpse the tails of a few salmon, climbing up the Causapascal Falls.

Our last stop that day was at Mont-Saint-Joseph followed by Carleton-sur-Mer. The view from the mountain was beautiful and Carleton-sur-Mer is a welcoming little town just below. We visited an excellent microbrewery that I had read about before: Le Naufrageur. A game of baby-foot and a little warmth from their outdoor fire gave us a nice ending to our first day.

The next morning we woke refreshed and drove to Bonaventure where we stopped at the pebbled beach Le Malin, along the Bonaventure River. It's turquoise waters brought us immediate relaxation as we walked around exploring, sunbathing, and enjoying the views of our magnificent surroundings.

A few hours later, after drifting along the road, a curve, a hill, et le voilà! That famous rock, that famous hole: Le Roche Percé; that symbol of Gaspé. Even from a distance, to see it protruding from the point was an unforgettable experience.

We spent the afternoon walking around, exploring, then decided that Ms. Chauvin's crack was worth a visit. Of course Ms. Chauvin is no longer, but the crack still is. Climbing up Mont-Blanc, on a steep dirt road, we arrived at the spectacle of the great crevasse. Relaxing with a bottle of wine to enjoy the sunset and marvel at the crevasse was a fitting end to our adventurous day. A nice evening spent in awe of one of nature’s wonders ended with a fine lobster dinner at La Maison du Pêcheur.

The following morning we returned to La Maison du Pêcheur for an amazing breakfast of eggs & lobster. We then set out on to the ferry that would carry us to see the Roché from all sides and to set foot on the fascinating little round island: Île Bonaventure. The bird population on that island is remarkable: on all sides, at all angles, there are a hundreds flapping around at all times to keep your eyes entertained.

We headed towards Gaspé, spent a night, woke up and found our way to the beach Boom Reserve. This huge sandy peninsula overlooks the river and Forillon Park. Scattered along the beach we found pieces of wood sanded and stranded by the water, jellyfish who were unwittingly sunbathing, accompanied by huge flies in obvious lack of affection. We spent the morning walking along that seemingly endless shore.

The last stretch was our road homeward. Small villages followed each other in succession: Cloridome, Grande-Vallée, the stunning Mont-Saint-Pierre and finally, the sunset on the edge of the road at Sainte-Anne-des-Monts. I bet you can guess the menu for our last dinner in Gaspésie ...

It was the perfect nature road trip. I must say that Gaspésie is one of the most beautiful parts of the province that I have yet seen. If you love nature, long stretches of little-used, pristine road, beautiful sunsets and space to breath, this is a trip for you.



Photographer . Sara Megan  |  Second Photographer . Maxime Duzyk  |  Microbrewery . Le Naufrageur  |  Restaurant . La Maison du Pêcheur  |  Plage . Le Malin |  Parc . Forillon  |  Crevasse . La Grande Crevasse  |  More information . Quebec Maritime  |  More information . Gaspésie Je t'aime  |  More information . National Geographic

Natalia & Fábio . A Montreal Wedding at The Forest and Stream Club

I had the pleasure of being a part of Natalia & Fábio's wedding last summer in Montreal at The Forest and Stream Club. It was simple, romantic and intimate. Their families all came from Colombia, Brazil and North America for the ceremony which was in three languages. The bride wrote her own calligraphy, made her own flower arrangements and even did her own make-up. It was a beautiful wedding filled with laughter, tears and joy.

This wedding was featured on the Canadian wedding blog Wedding Obsession.

Wedding . Bride getting ready . Sara Megan.jpg
Wedding . Bride getting ready . Sara Megan.jpg
Wedding . Bride getting dressed and rings . Sara Megan.jpg
Wedding . Bride's Rings and Shoes . Sara Megan.jpg
Wedding . Wedding Invitations . Sara Megan.jpg
Wedding . Bride doing nails . Sara Megan.jpg
Wedding . Bride getting ready . Bride and Groom holding hands . Sara Megan.jpg
Wedding . Bride during Ceremony . Sara Megan.jpg
Wedding . Bride laughing . Sara Megan.jpg
Wedding . Bride and Groom holding hands . Sara Megan.jpg
Wedding . Bride and Groom Smiling . Sara Megan.jpg
Wedding . Bride and Groom exchanging vows . Sara Megan.jpg
Wedding . Groom kissing Bride on Forehead . Sara Megan.jpg
Wedding . The Forest and Stream Club . Sara Megan.jpg
Wedding .  Gride and Groom with birds . Sara Megan.jpg
Wedding . Bride's Dress and Plane . Sara Megan.jpg
Wedding . The Forest and Stream Club . Old Building . Vines . Sara Megan.jpg
Wedding . Kiss Cheek . Bouquet Flowers . Sara Megan.jpg
Wedding . Bride with her hands around the Groom's Shoulders . Rings and Willow Tree . Sara Megan.jpg
Wedding . Bride ad Groom . Fallen and Cut Trees . Sara Megan.jpg
Wedding . Bride and Groom sitting on Fallen Tree . Sara Megan.jpg
Wedding . Bride leaning on Groom . Sara Megan Photography.jpg
Wedding . Bride and Groom walking through trees . Sara Megan Phtography.jpg
Wedding . Guests on the lawn at sunset.jpg
Wedding . Bride and Groom by water sharing an intimate moment.jpg
Wedding . Details . Table Setting . View . Sara Megan.jpg
Wedding . Details . Name Cards . Table . Sara Megan Photography.jpg
Wedding . Table Number . Reception . Sara Megan Photography.jpg
Wedding . Bride and Groom in each others arms at dusk . Sara Megan Photography.jpg
Wedding . Bride and Groom in front of a wall of vines . Sara Megan Photography.jpg
Wedding . Bride and Groom walking at Sunset . Sara Megan Photography.jpg
Wedding . Groom looking at bride . Sara Megan Photography.jpg
Wedding . Couple's First Dance . Sara Megan Photography.jpg
Wedding . Frist Dance with Guests.jpg
Wedding . First dance with guests watching.jpg
Wedding . Bride laughing with guest.jpg

Photographer . Sara Megan  |  Second Photographer . Charlotte Farquharson  |  Venue . The Forest and Stream Club  |  Jewelry . Birks  |  Musicians . La Cançao  |  Hair Stylist . O Coiffure and Spa  |  Dress Designer . Private Label by G  |  Tuxedo . Waxman Tuxedo House