My first 10 years were spent on the island of Jamaica, enjoying the sweet smells of burnt sugar cane, wet grass after the rains and the salty blue sea. I now live in a small town north of Montreal, surrounded by soft rolling hills of evergreens, a climate of crisp winter days and cool summer nights. I still call Jamaica home, spending as much time there as possible in the house of my childhood memories. The island’s beautiful chaos but simpler ways is so unique, it keeps your feet on the ground but your head in the clouds.

I’m a quite a relaxed person, my best times are spent with close friends and family. I love to travel: meeting new people, exploring different cultures and being in awe of nature - these are some of the most fulfilling experiences for me.

I approach the wedding in a documentary style, letting the day unfold as it will. I love for my brides and grooms to let themselves be immersed in their day, taking time for their guests but also enjoying their time alone, letting themselves fall into intimate moments that will create beautiful imagery and sweet memories.

Since I started in photography, I have been passionate about weddings and the deep affection people hold for each other. Love is something that is created not only by two people but by their surrounding kith & kin. I always want to find out who people are, how they got here and where they plan to go. A relationship is a journey and I would love to document the celebration of yours.